Fabric - Herder Crossbody Bag Handwoven | Yak Hide | Pastoral | Student Bag | Leisure Bag

$79.99 $99

This bag is made with high quality yak hide as base and embellished with our traditional fabric "Re". This combination of yak hide and yak wool fabric resembles a living yak.

The inspiration for this design comes from nomadic living on the grassland, in which yaks are people's source of livelihood. As the number of yaks a family owns represents their wealth, yak is highly important for herders. The texture of this bag will become better over time. It makes for a great go-to leisure bag.



Dimensions approximately: 7.9" x 8.7

Strap: 42.1"

Strap adjusts: Yes

Body Material: Yak wool, Hide, Sheep wool

Strap Material: Cotton fabric

Body Color: Brown, White

Strap Color: Brown

Care Instructions: Dry wash / Hand wash at low temperature

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