Prayer - Yak and Sheep Wool Necklace Ethnic | Traditional Craft | Natural Fibre | Handmade | Pastoral | Personalized Gift | Bridesmaid Gift


This necklace is made from natural sheep wool and yak wool fibres, and features a fortune pouch design. Its design inspiration comes from the herder's amulet, symbolizing blessing and peace.

This necklace is miniature of a part of daily life lived by nomadic herders for thousands of years. They continued to practice the crafts passed down generation after generation. Through these ornaments, they expressed their customs, their creativity from daily life, and their love for life. Under the impact of urban living, many children in pastoral areas today have slowly forgotten our age-old customs. As Lelema's inheritors do not wish these customs and crafts to become extinct, they are reminding people of their roots in nature and awakening people's desire to return to the grassland and to nature through these handicrafts.


Dimensions approximately: 27.6“

Adjusts: No

Material: Sheep wool, Yak wool, Turquoise stones

Color: Undyed Yak wool, Undyed Sheep wool, Multiple colors

Weight: 70g 

Care Instructions: Avoid wearing during shower and swimming; When not in use, store in a sealed container 

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