Flower Whisper - Sheep Wool Necklace | Girls Necklace | Traditional Craft | Gesang Flower Neckalce


This colorful necklace is made by weaving sheep wool. Its design inspiration comes from the Gesang flowers on the grassland, symbolizing children's innocence and happiness.  Gesang flower is a general term used by local Tibetans to refer to the colorful, blooming flowers on the grassland. People would place their yearning for happiness onto these flowers. As we have a short summertime here on the grassland, Gesang flowers only have a fleeting apperance; however, through traditional craft, Lelema's craftwomen has made them stay pernamently for people. For our young ladies, wearing this necklace would help bring out their youthful energy and positivity. 


Dimensions approximately: 32.3"

Adjusts: No

Material: Sheep wool felt, Sheep wool balls

Color: Undyed sheep wool, Multiple colors

Weight: 20g 

Care Instructions: Avoid wearing during shower and swimming; When not in use, store in a sealed container 

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