Noho Laptop Case iPad Case | Minimalistic | Ethnic | Inner Lining | Traditional Craft | Personalized Gift | Cotton-linen | Handmade


To demonstrate the concepts of affordable luxury and exquisite craftsmanship, in this iPad case we combined our traditional wool fabric that have not been washed or dyed chemically with eco-friendly cotton-linen fabric, and sewed them together using our traditional edge-sewing techniques "Noho". These complex, time-consuming and labor-intensive procedures and the tradition involved give the resulting product both aesthetical and collection value, in addition their use value.

This case can be used to carry items such as the iPad or iPad Pro.



Dimensions approximately: 9.8x 13.8

Material: Cotton-linen, Yak wool, Sheep wool

Color: White, Black

Care Instructions: Dry wash / Hand wash at low temperature

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