Fabric Crossbody Bag - Hometown Grassland | Tent | Handwoven | Ethnic | Natural Fibre


"Re", meaning fabric, is the traditional cloth of herders. Local herders would spin wool fibres into threads, twist threads into ropes, and weave ropes into fabrics, which we would then make natural fibre bags out of these fabrics.

The highlight of this crossbody bag are the hand-embroidered yak tents, which vividly depict the nomadic life on the grassland where local Tibetans call home.

This bag is a a result of the long handweaving process performed by local Tibetan craftswomen and has not undergone any industrial dying process.



Dimensions approximately

Style one: 16.5" x 16.9" ,Style two:13.8" x 15.7"

Strap adjusts: Yes

Body Material: Sheep wool, Yak wool

Strap Material: Nylon

Body Color: Brown, White

Strap Color: Brown

Care Instructions: Dry wash / Hand wash at low temperature

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