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Made using a traditional Mongolian wool felting craft and through mixing two types of wool, this heat-insulating table mat set is both full of ethnic flavor and compatible with the minimalistic grey fashion trend.

The highlight of this product is the edge sewing process called "Noho",meaning "spine": it is a complex needling method that involves sewing eight strands of threads into a spine-like pattern.This method is ancient, complex, and time-consuming. Therefore, products whose edges are sewed in "Noho" have both decoration and collection value. The mat set itself can also provide effective protection for furniture and ornaments.



Size: 8.3" × 8.3",  6.7× 6.7", 3.5" × 3.5"

Material:Sheep wool,Yak wool

Color:Mixed yak wool and sheep wool,Gray

Care Instructions:Dry wash, Hand wash at low temperature

*The price is for three products.

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