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A long time ago, these yak wool balls called "kudol" were used by children on the grassland to play ball games. According to the Oxford Dictionary, this ball game is the earliest form of polo, and is one of the direct evidence that Polo originated in Tibet. As time goes on, kudol gradually disappeared,but Lelema successfully restored it through years of efforts, as if regaining a once lost piece of jewel. Lelema's craftwomen carefully rub out these fluffy balls by hand, and through special stitching techniques, these ancient woolen balls are able to be turned into functional artworks with high collection value.



Size: 17.3" × 11.4", 7.9" × 7.9", 6.3" × 6.3",  6.3" × 6.3", 3.9" × 3.9"

Material: Sheep wool,Yak wool

Color:Undyed sheep wool, Undyed yak wool

Care Instructions:Dry wash, Hand wash at low temperature

*The price is for five products.

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