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This satchel is made from our traditional woolen fabric "Re". Local herders would spin wool fibres into threads, twist threads into ropes, and weave ropes into these fabrics. Therefore, to make a bag like this requires many procedures.

The highlight of this bag is the flap, which is pieced together using many hand-rubbed felt balls called "Kudol". The making of these woolen balls are also time-consuming and labor intensive. They have a strong ethnic flavor.

This satchel can be used to essential items such as cell phones, watches, and cosmetics.



Dimensions: 7.5“ 9.4”

Strap: 48.4“

Strap adjusts: No

Body Material: Yak wool, Sheep wool

Strap Material: Yak wool, Sheep wool

Body Color: Brown, White

Strap Color: Brown, White

Care Instructions: Dry wash / Hand wash at low temperature 

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