Fabric Crossbody Bag-Noho Traditional Craft | Natural Fibre | Ethnic | Girl's Bag | Weekend Bag | Shoulder Bag | Leisure Bag

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"Re", meaning fabric, is the traditional cloth of herders. Local herders would spin wool fibres into threads, twist threads into ropes, and weave ropes into fabrics, which we would then make natural fibre bags out of these fabrics. This bag is handmade using undyed yak wool "Re" by local Tibetan craftswomen.

The highlight of this product is the edge sewing process called "Noho", meaning spine: it is a complex needling method that involves sewing eight strands of threads into a spine-like pattern. Similar to "Re", this process is ancient, complex, and time-consuming. Therefore, products that feature "Re" and "Noho" have both collection and decorative value: not only do they carry the weight of history, but they also perfectly embody contemporary fashion ideals.

The colorful strap resembles a rainbow connecting the bag's body. It is a must-have girl's bag that can be used for carrying cell phones and cosmetic items on short trips while showing your lovely, unique charm and your love for nature.



Dimensions approximately: 7.9" 5.9" 

Strap: 45"

Strap adjusts: No

Body Material: Yak wool, Cotton fabric

Strap Material: Linen, Colored cotton yarn

Body Color: Black, White, Yellow 

Strap Color: Cream

Care Instructions: Dry wash / Hand wash at low temperature

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