Forms - Prehistoric | Handmade | Bag ornament | Eco-friendly | Natural fiber | Holiday Gift


This product is handmade with beautiful, Woven from natural fibers.Minimalist Style.

This ornament comprises a handwoven textile cloth made with yak and sheep wool called "Re-ai", supplemented with a piece of sheep bone.

The inspiration for this design comes from the prayer wheel, which is used by herders to pray for blessings, symbolizing good fortune and happiness.

It’s made to be tied to your rear view mirror, but can essentially be tied on almost anything. It looks super cute as a bag charm! You can even add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to use it as a diffuser.

The picture doesn’t do this charm justice. It’s so much more beautiful in person.Decrease your stress levels in the car. When you are anxious to go to work or stuck in a traffic jam.

So unique. Perfect to give as a gift.Especially for the one who seems already have everything.

Subtle and Simple. Won't get in the way.Outstanding craftsmanship.Very well made.


Material:Yak wool,Sheep wool,Sheep bones,Phoenix-eye Bodhi seed

Color:White, Brown


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