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This pair of earrings is made from weaving yak wool and sheep wool together, and is decorated with corals. The hooks are made from sterling silver. The woolen balls are called "Kudol" in our local language. They are made by rubbing together the fine hairs under the neck of juvenile yaks. These hairs are scarce and rubbing them takes a lot of effort.

The design inspiration for this product comes from the ancient weaving craft on the grassland, symbolizing eternity.

The use of undyed sheep and yak wool and the original design gives a free-spirited and refined feel to the earrings. This earring pair makes for a great birthday gift for yourself that will you make you look even more lovely.


Dimensions approximately: 3.5“

Earring Material:  Sheep wool, Yak wool, Coral 

Hook Material:  925 Sterling Silver

Earring Color: Undyed Yak wool, White

Hook Color: Silver

Weight: 5g 

Care Instructions: Avoid wearing during shower and swimming; When not in use, store in a sealed container 

*This is the price of a pair

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