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This pair of drop earrings is made from natural, handwoven yak wool, and is decorated with red corals. The hooks are made from sterling silver.

The design inspiration for this product comes from the starry sky on the grassland, symbolizing purity and simplicity.

Lelema's handmade jewelries are highly personalized and have a strong ethnic flavor. They are popular among local herders as well. Wear this pair of earrings at your parties and gatherings to be at the center of attention. This makes for a great personalized gift for your partner or family members.


Dimensions approximately: 4.3“

Earring Material:  Yak wool, Yak hide, Coral

Hook Material:  925 Sterling Silver

Earring Color: Undyed Yak wool, Green, Red

Hook Color: Silver

Weight: 13g 

Care Instructions: Avoid wearing during shower and swimming; When not in use, store in a sealed container 

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