Soar - Vulture Sheep Wool | Yak Wool | Minimalistic | iPad Bag | Laptop Bag | Birthday Gift | Natural fiber | Eco-friendly Gift | Crossbody Bag

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The base material for this bag is our wool fabric "Re" -- specifically, sheep wool "Re" for the white colored variant and yak wool "Re" for the brown variant. The design inspiration for this bag comes from the Himalayan vulture, a sacred animal for Tibetans. Thus, we named it "Soar", symbolizing soaring high in the world.

In the age-old Tibetan sky burial ceremonies, the sacred Himalayan vulture completes the last step, assisting human souls in reincarnation as well as in entering heaven. These vultures are nature's "sweepers": no matter how much they consumed, they would not leave any of their feces directly on the ground. Instead, they would excrete when soaring very high in the sky, so that their feces would drift away and vanish admist the strong air currents. For Tibetans, this behavior strongly fits their imagination of how souls enter the heaven.Even when these vultures are at their last moments in life, they would still soar up as high as they could until the sun and air currents melted their bodies away, leaving little on the earth.

The simple, lightweight, and minimalistic design of this bag makes it an ideal birthday gift for friends and family.



Dimensions approximately: 12.6x 13.8

Strap: 51.2"

Strap adjusts: Yes

Body Material: Cotton fabric, Sheep wool

Strap Material: Cotton fabric

Body Color: Black, White, Blue, Purple

Strap Color: Brown, White

Care Instructions: Dry wash / Hand wash at low temperature

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