Triangularly Tasseled Bag Laptop Bag | Travel Bag | Ethnic | Handwoven | Natural Fibre | Leisure Bag | Personalized Gift

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This handmade bag is mainly made of high-quality canvas, and is embellished with our traditional wool fabric "Re" as well as stylish tassels. The triangular tassel design adds a trace of wildness onto a gentle form, which goes well with jeans and other youthful outfit. The coarse fibres we use offers a unique texture of handcrafted textiles. The wide strap design will ensure a comfortable carrying experience.

This bag is designed to be able to fit a 13-inch Macbook. Through traditional craft, we are striving to promote eco-friendly natural fibre products to more and more people.



Dimensions approximately: 13.4x 14.6

Strap: 47.2"

Strap adjusts: Yes

Body Material: Yak wool, Cotton fabric, Sheep wool

Strap Material: Cotton fabric

Body Color: Brown, White

Strap Color: Brown, White

Care Instructions: Dry wash / Hand wash at low temperature

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