Striped Tote Bag Commuter Bag | Minimalistic | Traditional Craft | High Quality Cotton-linen | Women's Bag | Shoulder Bag | Sheep wool | Leisure Bag


Using high quality cotton-linen fabric as base and decorated with our traditional woolen fabric "Re", this ethnic tote bag is a classic combination of traditoinal handicraft and popular design. Its simple striped pattern fits a minimalistic style. The cotton strap is comfortable and its friction will prevent itself from slipping off easily. The tote bag also features a large room that can fit a 15-inch Macbook.

Tote bag is a truly versatile bag that can be used for work, shopping, travel, and much more. From movie stars and celebrities to office workers, students, and ladies on the street, it seems that everyone has at least one tote bag.



Dimensions approximately: 15.0x 15.7" 

Strap: 29.5"

Strap adjusts: No

Body Material: Yak wool, Cotton-linen, Sheep wool

Strap Material: Cotton-linen

Body Color:  White

Strap Color:  White

Care Instructions: Dry wash / Hand wash at low temperature

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