Inheritance - Shoulder Bag Natural Fibre | Traditional Craft | Holiday Gift | Leisure Bag | Women's Bag | Commuter Bag


Since ancient times, Dzi beads have been considered by Tibetan people to be sacred. They are believed to symbolize eternity and can offer protection. This shoulder bag uses hand-braided ropes to weave out the pattern of nine-eyed Dzi beads, and features turquoise stones, handmade woolen balls or mini barley bags for decoration. The weaving part is a complex and time-consuming process that takes a skilled craftswomen around ten workdays to complete. This bag is a model for bringing traditional craft into its fullest potential. It is a truly rare handmade bag worth bringing into your collection.

The inside of the bag has ample space and is suitable for carrying iPad or laptop, making it a great commuter bag for office workers. Its full pattern design on the body and the strap gives out a strong Tibetan flavor that makes it a unusual handmade holiday gift for friends.



Dimensions approximately: 12.6x 13.4

Strap: 47.2"

Strap adjusts: No

Body Material: Yak wool,  Sheep wool

Strap Material: Sheep wool, Yak wool

Body Color: Brown, White

Strap Color: Brown, White

Care Instructions: Dry wash / Hand wash at low temperature

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