Fabric - Wrist Cover Traditional Craft | Natural Fibre | Mother's Day Gift | Hand Braided Rope | Ethnic | Joint Protection


This wrist cover is made from our traditional yak and sheep wool fabric "Re". It is warm, soft, and features our hand braided rope "Tolka" on the edges, giving it a unique ethnic flavor. People living on the cold, high-altitude Tibetan Plateau are more susceptible to joint pains from long hours of physical work. Lelema's craftswomen turned our traditional wrist cover into this simple, fashionable and practical ornament.

*We offer customized sizing for this product. Please leave a message for us about your requirements.


Dimensions approximately:3.1" × 6.7“ (circumference)

Adjusts: No

Material: Yak wool, Sheep wool

Color: Undyed Yak wool, Undyed Sheep wool

Weight: 63g 

Care Instructions: Avoid wearing during shower and swimming; When not in use, store in a sealed container 

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