Ethnic Bangle - Tricolor Copper Handcrafted | Good Luck Bangle | Copper Bangle | Blessings Gift | Mother's Day Gift


Tricolor copper is considered a sacred material by herders. It is believed to be able to cure disease and ward off evil spirits. The patterns and prayers on this bangle are embedded by wire inlay. This bangle is crafted with an antique finish, but those who mind it can wipe it with a clean cotton cloth. Tri-olor copper will become shinier with wear, making this bracelet a great option for continous wear.

The open-ended design allows it to fit different wrist sizes. This quaint and fancy bangle can be worn by itself or with other ornaments. It makes for a great Halloween gift for friends or for yourself.

Adjusts: No

Material: Copper

Color: Gold

Style One: Size 0.6" × 6.3"  Weight 44g

Style Two: Size 1.6" × 6.3"  Weight 83g

Style Three: Size 1.2" × 6.7"  Weight 78g

Care Instructions: Avoid wearing during shower and swimming; When not in use, store in a sealed container 

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