Pastoral Songs-Melody | Yak wool Shawl | Natural fiber | Sheep wool | Traditional Craft | Natural fiber | Handwoven | Eco-friendly | Pastoral


Products from the "Pastoral Songs" series are made with fine yak wool and sheep wool by hand using our traditional hand-knitting craft, and are not subject to any industrial dyeing process. The fine yak wool, in particular, is a precious and rare fiber taken from the softest place under the neck of juvenile yaks. Only dozens of grams of this type of wool can be collected per yak per year, making this shawl a truly "limited edition" product.

Yak wool has excellent spinnability. Its finished products are soft, warm, smooth, have good drape as well as a rich texture. Wear it directly on your skin to experience its softness.

The extra-large size design lets you experience the feeling of being a supermodel, exuding elegance while keeping you warm.

The fine tassel design under the shawl is analagous to wildflowers swaying in the wind on the grassland, as if listening to your lover's whisper.



Size: 30.7" × 82.7"

Material: 99% Fine yak wool, 1% Sheep wool 

Color:Undyed yak wool, Undyed sheep wool

Care Instructions: Dry wash, Hand wash at low temperature

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