Fabric-Triangular Scarf | Wool Scarf | Natural fiber | Christmas gift | Traditional Craft | Handmade | Minimalist

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Using their traditional craft, local herders spin yak wool fibres into threads, twist the threads into ropes, and then weave the ropes into fabric, all done without industrial dyeing. The resulting traditional fabric is called "Re".

Lelema's craftwomen take this soft, warm fabric and combine it with lambskin and cotton fabric to create this triangular scarf infused with ethnic characteristics.

The design of this scarf is inspired by the sheepskin coats worn by herders.It is portable, warm, and soft to the touch.



Size: 32.3" × 66.1"

Material: Sheep wool,Yak wool,Lambskin,Cotton fabric

Color:White,Green,Black,Red,Light brown

Care Instructions:Dry wash

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