Fabric-Sheep Bone Buttoned Shawl | Fashion shawl | Traditional crafts | Natural fiber | Minimalistic


This shawl is made from "Re" -- the traditional fabric composed of sheep wool and fine yak wool (a rare natural fibre taken from the softest place under the neck of juvenile yaks). Woven from undyed natural fibres, this shawl is soft, smooth and warm, and uses the minimalistic colors of black, white and brown as the main color tone.

Despite its minimalistic style, the crafts involved in producing this shawl are complex and varied. The adornments on this shawl contain Lelema's unique elements including felt, "Noho", "Tolka" (A rope-weaving tehcnique) and others. Among them, the Noho needling technique -- where each 13 inches require 1 hour of work -- is mastered by only a few craftworkers.

The sheep talus bone on the shawl's button has long been a talisman used by local people for prayers.



Size: 21.7" × 59.8"

Material: Sheep wool, Fine Yak wool, Cotton canvas, Sheep talus bone

Color:White,Brown,Black,Natural color of sheep bone

Care Instructions: Dry wash, Hand wash at low temperature

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