Sway-Passion | Cashmere | Natural fiber | Sheep wool | Handmade | Pastoral | Traditional Craft | Personalized Gift | Christmas gift


Through our hand-knitting craft, products from the "Sway" series are all meticulously made by hand. Whether in our color selection or knitting techniques, products from this series emanate a strong sense of minimialistic beauty that is deeply loved by young people.

Red represents open, direct, and unrestrained emotion. This is the best gift for expressing love.



Size: Hats  9.4" × 9.8"   Scarfs 76.8" × 9.1"  Gloves  9.4" × 7.1"  

Material: Fine Sheep wool


Care Instructions: Dry wash, Hand wash at low temperature

*The price includes hats, gloves, and scarves.

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